Lance Lambert
Automotive & Humor
ISBN: 978-0984489862
272 Pages
Format: Paperback

LambertThe love of old cars provides many adventures for people in the hobby. As a child there were "special" cars that made a lasting impression. The best birthday is the one that allows the acquiring of a driver's license. The first car, like the first love, will never be forgotten. Repairing an old car and showing it off at the drive-in is a cherished right of automotive passage. Continuing through life with a collector car at your side is a match made in heaven. Lance Lambert, automotive journalist, TV personality and passionate car collector, shares some of his adventures from decades of holding the honored title of "Car Guy." From his first "car" (a combination of his sister's tea set table and a broken wagon) to his current love of "orphan" cars (his garage menagerie includes two Studebakers and two King Midgets), Lance is a person living the life that all car lovers love. This book follows Lance's best selling "Fenders, Fins & Friends: Confessions of a Car Guy." His newest book, "Gears, Grins & Gasoline: My Wheel Life Adventures," contain 59 short stories that will bring smiles and, if the reader is not careful, a tear or two. Included is the tale of 13 year-old Lance and a friend "borrowing" a car; dangerous chases and "rumbles" with rivals; mistakes made on motorcycles; teenage girls in great cars; automotive successes and failures, and even spending time with a 1955 Chevrolet-owning ghost. It's a great book about great cars and great people. Pour a coup of coffee and head to the garage, then sit back and enjoy the reading ride!


Five Star Reviews from

"Lance Lambert’s second book is wonderful! It is another compilation of short stories of his personal life like he has been sharing in print publications for years. Most of these stories have never been published, though, and so we get a brand new look into the life of one of America’s quintessential car guys. After spending a good part of a day with my nose buried deep in its pages, it is now part of my automotive mental archives. I obviously found it engaging and it would not allow me to put it down. I “watched” as Lance grabbed guns and kicked in doors or wandered into places uninvited doing things that were a bit edgy, but merely mischievous. Thankfully my garage has a door. Note: Any acts of aggression revealed in this book were always with great cause! Any acts of mischief were done for, well, the urge to get into mischief. Readers will enjoy Lance’s appreciation for friends, family, cars, and the alternative forms of transportation of his youth that make up these personal tales. His stories of old cars guys now passed show his love for friends and “A Daughter’s Tears” revealed a true compassion for strangers. I could praise each of his stories! Mr. Lambert embodies the phrase I use quite often… “We all have stories”. I for one thank him for sharing."
~ David Dickinson, Editor and Publisher The Old Car Nut Book series

"A sequel which doesn't disappoint! Lance continues to reveal self deprecating wit & wisdom(?) through his recollections and reflections. Once again, one doesn't have to be a car nut or of a particular age to relate to the contents. Read it all the way through or just open the page to an article sized chapter and enjoy! Looking forward to another installment."
~ Ken & Mindy Miner Auburn, Wash.